We are here to serve you.

Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences; however, we all share a common goal:
ensuring that you feel safe and supported throughout the retreat. 

It is our honor to help you on this life changing journey.



Retreat Leader & Organizer

With over a decade of experience planning corporate events, from small board meetings to large international conferences in locations all over the globe including Berlin, Dubai, Montreal, New York City, Panama, Peru, and more, Jenn is skilled at creating meaningful, well-organized and seamlessly executed events. While working in the corporate world she spent her free time training in different healing modalities which not only propelled her own healing journey but also a career change to follow her passion to help others find wellness. She has combined her corporate experience with her passion to create life-changing, deep healing experiences.

Jenn's personal healing journey began after battling metastasized thyroid cancer at age 18 and subsequent health issues, when she set out on a journey to heal herself. Determined to find wellness she tried everything and anything...from energy medicine, to bodywork, to plant medicine, to shamanism, and so much more, she tried it all! After much trial and error and many years of healing work, she reached a place of wellness. She knew it was her life’s work to help others heal and to leverage the wisdom of her experiences to expedite their healing process. With an understanding of the complex yet connected nature of the body and a respect for the deep healing power of nature, she founded Coherent Wellness, a holistic healing practice. Coherent Wellness provides a place for those who are ready to go within and embrace change to find freedom, joy, and wellness in their lives.

Jenn is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Myofascial Release Therapist (John F.  Barnes), Reiki Master, and Certified HeartMath Practitioner. She is also certified in MFR yoga which uses yoga to restructure and heal the body.

Kipper Horton.jpeg


Kipper began his professional role as an ordained minister, pastoring a small congregation on the East Coast. Following an unwavering discontent with organized religion and a slightly longer hiatus than originally planned, he earned another Master’s degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology, along with a graduate certificate in Addiction Studies, before attaining his state licenses as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. In 2018, he completed certification for Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and added a post-graduate certificate to his resume in 2019 in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Research from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

During his most recent studies, a growing discontent with the standard practice of therapy led him to release the rigid frameworks of his private practice for a more holistic approach influenced by a combination of practices eastern and western, ancient and modern, scientific, spiritual and shamanic. To date, along with his partner, Rachel, he has companioned over 200 hours of plant-facilitated awakenings both locally and across the country.



Rachel Soria currently holds a PTCB Certification as a licensed pharmacy technician. She brings several years of experience in a pharmaceutical career into her approach with alternative therapies. Having been both a patient of and a contributor in the psychotropic medication epidemic she offers valuable insight to every specialized session she conducts. Her journey down this path began with her own desire to find inner peace. Tired of being on anti-depressants, which just numbed her to the world, she sought out plant medicine in hopes of finding answers that pharmaceuticals supress rather than address. A session with plant therapy ignited in her the passion for helping others that she had long since lost due to apathetic promises of happiness in the form of a pill. 

Rachel, along with her partner Kipper Horton, has facilitated over 25 spiritual awakenings. Her growth in this practice has allowed her to hone particular expertise not often realized by observers. With a keen ear, an open heart, and Love abound, Rachel is exceptionally skilled at curating a personalized journey for each individual traveler. In addition to preparation for and the commencing of the journey itself, Rachel makes herself available for continuous integration.



Living Forest Retreat Center Owner
& Transforming Cellular Healing Facilitator

Johanna is a certified Transforming Cellular Healing facilitator. She experienced a deep purification process with her teacher for the past 20 years, Don Hanson, and has traveled to many workshops globally, continuously learning. Johanna has committed her life to the teachings of Universal energy, and has worked with people from all walks of life, including yoga teachers and other leading light workers. Additionally, Johanna is a certified Yoga teacher, Occupational therapist, Reiki master, Dance & Movement Instructor and a YOQI Qigong Flow Associate Instructor.