The activities and modalities included in the retreat have been carefully selected and combined in a fashion that will support the natural flow of healing that will occur.  Scroll below to learn about the incredible experiences you will have throughout the retreat.


Having studied, experienced and practiced healing through alternate states of consciousness, it is our desire to assist in facilitating healing and awakening through the use of entheogenic medicines with and for those who have found other formats of healing lacking or simply wish to supplement other methodologies. Our training in various healing arts, spiritual practices, and other metaphysical approaches from both East and West provide us with a unique and broad convergence of traditional wisdom upon which we draw to personalize and maximize each awakening. 

People often wonder what they may expect, to which we reply: Nothing. Everything. No experience with the medicine is identical, nor should be the approach to such encounters in our estimation. Each experience or awakening is fluid and as your companions we strive to provide a simple and safe container within which you may experience yourself, your world, and your relationships in a way that stretches forth from your own sense of being and truth.



You will have a one-on-one Reprogram and Release healing session with Jennifer Miller, LMT, RYT, Reiki Master. On your journey the plant medicine will help you to see your truth. There will be clarity around what beliefs are no longer serving you and what beliefs support your true self. In this session, the day following your plant medicine journey, we will use PSYCH-K® to communicate with and reprogram the subconscious mind to release limiting beliefs and to adopt supporting beliefs. We will also use a variety of healing modalities to help you release lingering energy tied to those old, limiting beliefs throughout body, mind & spirit. Modalities include massage therapy, John Barnes Myofascial Release, Reiki, yoga, insightful & empowering conversation.



You will have a one-on-one session with Johanna Harmala as you move a layer deeper and use Transforming Cellular Memory to release patterns, habits and energy tied to old limiting beliefs at the cellular level.

Transforming Cellular Memory is a powerful Healing and Enlightenment process that uses Divine Light to take the body through deep Cellular Purification. As we come into this world, we take on an accumulation of belief systems and mind-sets that may have nothing to do with who we really are. This inherited baggage can weigh you down, create illness and limitation, and stifle your ability to live from a place of passion, freedom and truth. During the session the intelligence of this energy will start to unravel and unlock old fears, tensions and traumas. You may feel your body or certain muscle groups tighten and relax as layers of blockages let go. You may feel tingling in the cells or synapses as age old patterns disperse. It may be sudden or reverberate for days but the results will last a lifetime.



Horses are sensitive, powerful prey animals who have spent their 60 million years on Earth fine-tuning their natural senses to survive and thrive in ever-changing environments. Free from the constraints of language and judgement (from self and others), horses embody the capacity to be present in each moment, to release worries as they arise, to find balance in themselves and connection together as a herd.

Horses live most of the time in a state of relaxed alertness, which neuroscience research shows is the optimum state for our own health, performance and relationships. Studies published by the Heartmath Institute demonstrate how horses actually influence and encourage this state in those around them – both human and horse.

Through a guided mindful interaction, you are invited and supported to join your horse in their green, vibrant home and reconnect with your own natural state of being.

Tule Vida facilitators, Sally Nilsson and Eric Kolesar, are Certified Professional Coaches and Certified Equine Experiential Learning Facilitators (in the renowned Eponaquest model).



Gentle movement-based and restorative yoga, as well as meditation will be offered daily. These offerings will allow you to become more present and develop a greater awareness of your body, mind & spirit. No experience is necessary.

Yoga Class


Indulge in the healing power of touch with a relaxing massage. On the day of your plant medicine journey, you will be treated to a massage to help you settle in and connect with your body.

Pressure Point Massage


In honor of her Finnish roots, Living Forest Retreat Center owner Johanna Harmala built a sauna on property just steps from the jungle river that runs through the property. This allows guests to participate in the ancient practice of sitting in a hot sauna followed by a plunge into cold water, in this case in the jungle river. Health benefits include: detoxification, strengthening the immune system, stimulating the circulatory system, reactivating metabolism, increased blood flow to your skin, muscles and internal organs and richly oxygenated blood to the brain to improve cognitive functions, reduction of inflammation throughout the body, release of endorphins, general relaxation, and more!



During the retreat we will visit a 500-year-old Ceiba Tree that inspired the Tree of Life in the movie Avatar. The Ceiba tree is a tropical tree that leaves a long-lasting impression on everyone who sees it. It is majestic, beautiful and grand.  The ancient Mayas considered it sacred and believed that it connected our world to the spiritual world.

Ceiba Tree.jpg


Located in La Fortuna near Arenal Volcano, Ecotermales is a unique and special experience filled with exotic flora and natural volcanic thermal-mineral hot springs. You will experience the magic of Arenal’s only truly natural hot springs and enjoy the health benefits almost immediately. The natural heat of the water relaxes the muscles and opens the pores which allows the body to absorb the small quantities of the minerals brought to the water by volcanic rocks. Once absorbed these minerals are deposited into the subcutaneous tissues and activate the hypothalamic-adrenal axis, which manages the body’s stress and energy metabolism, creating a progressive feeling of relaxation.

Ecotermales 2.jpg


To celebrate a life changing experience, we will dine together overlooking Lake Arenal as we watch the sunset. It will be a magical way to close out an unforgettable week.

Sunset Dinner 2.jpg