A Guided Journey of Healing
January 11-17, 2022
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

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Powerful healing occurs when we go deep within our being to let go of that which no longer serves us. When we do this in a fully supported environment, we experience the freedom to open and release so that we may connect more authentically with our true self. If you feel called to this type of experience, join us in the magical jungle of Costa Rica, close to Lake Arenal, for a 7-day, intimate deep healing retreat. Propelled by the healing power of plant medicine and embraced by mother nature, you will embark on a journey deep within to shine a light on your truth. You will be guided as you prepare, throughout, and after your journey with purposeful healing experiences to help you process, integrate and release. From start to finish you will be fully supported by a team of experienced facilitators and a variety of healing modalities to ensure you have a powerful and positive healing experience.

This retreat was designed in an intentional and purposeful way to incorporate many powerful healing aspects of nature along with deep healing modalities to support you on your journey. From the pure air you will breathe, to the power of the plant medicine, to the heat of the sauna, to the fresh river water and the calming energy of horses, you will be embraced and encouraged by mother nature every step of the way. Throughout the experience we will foster a balance between connection and solitude ensuring that you have time to connect with fellow participants and facilitators but most importantly you have time to connect with yourself. The retreat will feature an intimate environment with only 8 participants to 4 facilitators, ensuring that you receive one-on-one support.